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We are an incorporated Not-For-Profit organization led by a board of directors and an organizing team of approximately 30 volunteers. Our goal is to educate, inspire and empower women and girls to pursue leadership roles within their communities and careers. Our team of expert professionals proudly showcase an inclusive collaboration of female leaders representing a myriad of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Our message: “Celebrating Women in Leadership” stems from the need for gender equality in our country. It is a social and economic imperative. A recent McKinsey Global Institute report claims that the Canadian economy would experience a considerable rise – $150 billion worth by 2026 if women contributed more significantly in the labour market. Statistics show that 45% of the workforce is females at entry-level; however, only 15% are Canadian CEOs. This points to how ill represented women are at every level of the leadership climb. Promotions are considerably less for women as they move up. Men have three times more of a chance to be promoted from director to vice president than a woman. It is due to these alarming rates why supporting our message is of vital importance.

It is through the collaborative efforts of this group of dedicated volunteers that we have been able to continue affecting positive change through education and motivation during our 2-day symposium for the past years. Although MTM is still in its infant stages, we have garnered the interest and support from some the most influential members of Canadian society. Please remember that movements big and small have been influenced by Non-profits that seek to finance efforts towards equality.

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