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Amariyanna Copeny: Little Miss Flint the Water Warrior

Discover the inspiring journey of Amariyanna “Mari” Copeny, famously known as Little Miss Flint, the young advocate who sparked a movement amidst the Flint Water Crisis. From her passionate activism to her impactful letter to President Obama, learn how her unwavering dedication led to significant changes and her continued efforts in social justice initiatives.

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Opinion: How to Regain Confidence After Puberty?

In this opinion piece, embark on a journey of self-discovery and confidence-building as we delve into the impact of puberty on self-esteem and the struggle to reclaim our voices. From overcoming negative self-talk to reframing perceptions of judgement, this blog explores practical strategies for regaining confidence. 

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The Caitlyn Clark Effect

From her humble beginnings in boy’s recreational leagues to becoming a college basketball sensation, Caitlyn Clark’s journey is inspiring millions. Discover the impact of Clark’s historic achievements and her legacy as a transformative figure, leaving an indelible mark on basketball. 

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Opinion: Does Meditation Actually Work?

Discover the transformative power of meditation in our latest blog. From ancient origins to modern practices, explore how meditation can promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance emotional wellbeing. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and inner peace through the part of meditation. 

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Jully Black: The Canadian Queen of R&B

Explore Jully Black’s extraordinary journey from Toronto church choirs to global acclaim. Inspired by Whitney Houston, she signed with Warner/Chappell Music at 21, crafting hits for many other artists. Celebrate her legacy of resilience and social justice activism. 

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Opinion: A Bombastic Side-eye For Bimbo Feminism

In this thought-provoking opinion piece, we delve into the controversial concept of “Bimbo Feminism” and its potential dangers. From perpetuating harmful stereotypes to reinforcing unrealistic beauty standards, this blog post sheds light on how this trend undermines true gender equality. Discover the insidious ways bimbo feminism reduces women to mere objects of desire, co-opts feminist ideals for commercial gain, and perpetuated a culture of comparison that erodes self-worth.

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The Power of Self-Advocacy in The Workplace

Discover the essential steps to self-advocacy in the workplace. From setting clear goals to effective communication, this blog provides a comprehensive guide to assertively navigate your career path and achieve professional success. Unlock the power of self-advocacy and take control of your future today.

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Mastering the Art of Negotiating for a Raise

From thorough preparation to open communication and strategic flexibility, discover how to advocate for your worth and secure the salary you deserve. In this blog, we’ll explore a comprehensive guide on how to negotiate for a raise successfully. 

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How to Build a Personal Brand

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship and career advancement, standing out and making meaningful connections can be key to success. Your personal brand is your unique identity, encompassing values, expertise, passions, and what you represent. Building a personal brand builds trust, attracts opportunities, and amplifies your reach.

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