Randi Goodman

“Networking For Success”

Randi, a 9x #1 International Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and Real Estate Broker, has found her calling in the world of personal and professional growth for women and men, through the sharing of tools and resources through many mediums to help people all over the World! Her past Management of a manufacturing company and being a 4th level CMA has given Randi hands on experience and success in the business world. Randi found her passion for business.

Randi’s dedicaton to helping others lead her to run several Charity Gala’s. Her strong business sense and vast business experience, prompted her to create Business to Business events, workshops and a podcast show. Trained to speak on stage, Randi shares her knowledge and expertise with small business & entrepreneurs all over the world. Randi has produced almost 200 #1 International best-selling authors with her book series. Over the years she has dedicated herself to learning the technology of marketing online and uses that expertise in networking, marketing, social media, email marketing, lead pages, digital marketing, building sales funnels, podcasting, book writing, publishing, and monetizing to help others step to have more success in their businesses.

Randi has over 67,000 students with her online courses in over 169 countries. She has showcased hundreds of experts on her podcast show and her events showcase numerous experts on stage, promote 100s of exhibitors and coaches corner experts and connect 1000s of entrepreneurs. Randi practices what she preaches and is passionate about sharing the right information with entrepreneurs and ensuring they are connected to the people that are able to help them achieve results!