Sue Ann Baksh Lorray

“Making Dollars Make Sense”

Workshop Bio:

In the complex world of finance, a knowledge of financial basics is the key to unlocking doors of opportunities for ourselves and our families. The focus of this workshop is to empower women to understand how to make the most out of what they earn.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the following fundamentals of financial literacy:

  • Earn – How To Make The Most Out Of What You Earn
  • Savings & Investments – 4 Steps To Saving
  • Protect – Fraud Prevention
  • Spend – Establish Smart Spending Habits
  • Borrow – The Power Of Credit Scores 

With information from this workshop, attendees will feel more confident in the future financial decisions they make.

Speaker’s Bio

Sue Ann Baksh Lorray is a Manager with one of the Top 5 banks in Canada. With 25+ years experience in the Financial Industry and 10 years as a Financial Advisor, Sue Ann’s goal is to educate and empower others. She is a member of a Diversity and Inclusion Committee that supports fair treatment in the workplace by ensuring those with diverse backgrounds are valued and respected.

She is also a volunteer with Junior Achievement teaching the Dollars With Sense and More Than Money Financial Literacy Programs to Grade 5 & 6 students.

As a People and Thought Leader, Sue Ann’s passion is advocating for others, specifically women and children. Along with her husband, Sue Ann is founder of a non-profit organization, Life To The Fullest, providing mentorship programs and services to individuals who want to improve their lives but may not know where to start or just need assistance to learn and develop strategies for success. Some of the programs provided are Personal Development Workshops, Communication Skill Builds, Career and Business Development Workshops, Fresh Start Services for Newcomers to Canada, and Homeless Outreach.

Through her non-profit organization, Sue Ann has assisted with providing food and clothing to needy families in the Durham Region as well as financial guidance with budgeting and financial planning sessions.

Sue Ann is a mother of four who has faced many personal challenges which includes surviving domestic violence and abuse. Through her struggles, Sue Ann has learned the power of positivity and resiliency which are life skills that she is eager to share in order to motivate and encourage others to be successful.