Desiree Smith


Desiree Smith is a highly sought-after tradeswoman with the United Brotherhood of the Carpenters and Joiners’, Local 27. She is known as ‘The Floor Diva’ due to her exceptional talent in floor installation services.

Desiree is a dedicated instructor for women entering the trades at the Labour Education Centre and Workers Health and Safety in the Workplace. She is committed to ongoing peer mentoring and recruitment to empower women to challenge stereotypes and gain financial security. Her efforts aim to foster diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities within the skilled trades. Desiree’s impressive professional background is highlighted by being the 2022 Building Diversity – NEXGEN BUILDERS CHAMPION MENTOR AWARD and the CRC Ontario Region 2024 EDIA Award of Excellence recipient. 

Desiree believes that if you have willpower and passion, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Who can benefit most from her services?

  • Anyone interested in pursuing a career in the trades and discovering a new path toward financial independence.