Elevate Your Style by Sofi Findlay

A workshop on dressing for success and personal branding

Sofi Findlay

CEO/Personal Stylist

In the bustling metropolis of modern life, your style speaks volumes before you even utter a word. “Urban Chic – Mastering the Art of Dressing for Success” is a high-energy, interactive workshop that injects a dose of urban flair into the age-old concept of dressing for success, empowering you to rock every occasion with confidence and style.

Unleash Your Urban Edge: Step into the spotlight and own your urban edge as we explore the electrifying world of fashion and self-expression. From boardroom meetings to rooftop soirées, we’ll unravel the secrets of urban chic, showing you how to command attention and respect in any setting.

Get ready to unleash your inner style icon and set the city streets ablaze with your sartorial prowess. Join us for “Urban Chic – Mastering the Art of Dressing for Success” and step into a world where every outfit is a statement and success is always in fashion.

What’s in Store: In this turbo-charged, one-hour session, get ready to:

  1. Discover the power of street-smart style and how it can elevate your personal and professional brand.
  2. Unleash your inner fashionista as we break down the essentials of urban dressing, from statement pieces to killer accessories.
  3. Master the art of blending trendiness with professionalism, ensuring you always strike the perfect balance.
  4. Navigate the urban jungle of dress codes with finesse, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.

Who’s Invited to the Party: Calling all city slickers, trendsetters, and go-getters! Whether you’re a rising star in the corporate world, a creative entrepreneur carving your own path, or a social butterfly making waves on the scene, this workshop is your ticket to urban chic domination.