Healing hearts by Donna Campbell

empowering women's journey to overcoming love addiction

Ladies, This is THE Workshop You’ve Been Waiting For!!

Listen to the voices of your sisters:

  • “Imagine waking up every morning with a boulder on your chest……. That’s anxiety. Then, there’s this constant shadow.. lurking, whispering, “You’re not enough; you’ll never find happiness; you’re going to be alone.” ….. That’s depression.  These constant thoughts plagued me. I couldn’t focus, and I had no appetite; I felt so broken…. And for what? For love?”
  • “I became this… junkie, you know?….. Hooked on scraps of affection, desperate for my next fix…. If you smiled, I soared… If you ignored me, I crashed.  ..My whole damn universe revolved around you, and it’s pathetic! …Without you, I felt invisible, worthless. How did I get here?”
  • “In the beginning, you made me feel like I was the only woman in the world.    Then, the calls were less and less….. Then I saw you embraced in the arms of another woman. It didn’t just break my heart; it broke my body. Sleepless nights, racing thoughts, and endless worry left me a shell of my former self. What did I do wrong? Why don’t you love me?”

If you can relate to any of these voices, then you can’t afford to miss this workshop.

Donna Campbell

Mental Health professional

What It’s About: Through interactive sessions, real-life stories, and clinical guidance, we’ll explore the fine line between love and addiction, helping you to identify patterns that no longer serve you.

We’ll dive into:

  • What love addiction really is and why it’s been your script.
  • Awareness of past traumas and emotional wounds that contribute to love addiction.
  • The cycle of emotional dependency.
  • Confusing intensity for intimacy.
  • Fear of being alone.
  • Neglecting personal boundaries.


Why You Can’t Miss It: 

This is not just a workshop; it’s healing for your heart and mind designed to transform your deepest heartaches into your greatest strengths, surrounded by a tribe of women who get it because they’re living it too. Learn how to navigate the complexities of love without losing yourself in the process.  Get ready for real talk, belly laughs, and maybe a few tears. Buckle up!  Your journey of healing begins now!

What You Will Get From It:

  • Tools for Self-Love: Discover the art of loving yourself first, setting the foundation for healthier relationships.
  • Recognizing Red Flags: Learn how to spot early signs of dependency and addiction in relationships.
  • Strategies for Independence: Gain independence through practical exercises designed to strengthen your emotional resilience and self-esteem.
  • A Supportive Network: Leave with not just insights but a network of women who support and uplift each other.