Sandy Maeck

Author / Life Coach / Speaker

Sandy Maeck is a prolific author, life coach, and entrepreneur. Sandy’s journey of transforming adversity into opportunity fuels her passion for helping others, reflected in her various books. Arriving in Canada in 1985 through an arranged marriage, Sandy faced domestic violence and sexual abuse. As a single mother of four, she overcame numerous challenges, becoming a successful business leader and founder of STCC Dance Academy. Sandy’s bravery and resilience are evident in her life and work, earning her numerous civic and volunteer awards. She shares her story to inspire and support women facing similar struggles, advocating against domestic violence and abuse and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Sandy is a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author. Her books, “The Unwanted Wife” and “The Ungracious Daughter,” explore themes of failed arranged marriages, domestic violence, and more. Her upcoming book, “Unhitched,” provides guidance for survivors navigating divorce.

Who can benefit most from her services?

  • Survivors of Domestic Violence and Abuse: Sandy will offer insights and safety planning guidelines, helping survivors rebuild their lives. She discusses post-traumatic growth, health, and lifestyle changes, and how to build a support network.

  • Support people who wish to equip themselves with the necessary tools, resources, and community support to aid their loved ones in their healing journey.

  • Participants who are navigating post-divorce life: Sandy will help you to rediscover your identity and independence.