Meet The Motivators inc is proud to introduce The Resilient Woman Program, a monthly mastermind program created to develop female leaders from within grassroots communities who have experienced trauma relating from physical, mental, emotional and financial hardship due to circumstances beyond their control. We are committed to creating a judgement free space that will allow our participants to increase self-confidence, gain self-awareness and coherent leadership skills needed to succeed. Our program will effectively lead change while establishing a strong support network that navigates through gendered organizations. Our mandate is to educate, inspire and empower young girls and women to move into leadership roles within their community or careers. Our program facilitators are qualified experts that will provide the knowledge and skills required for all participants to successfully enter into the workforce or pursue opportunities of entrepreneurship upon completion.

Resilient Women Project Objectives:

  • Greater self-awareness and a coherent leadership identity
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Knowledge and skills to navigate gendered organizations
  • Knowledge and skills to lead change
  • Establish a strong support network
  • Knowledge and skills needed to enter the workforce or pursue opportunities for entrepreneurship

Activities Include:

  • Mentorship
  • Networking activities
  • Group discussion
  • Practical assignments

Why support Resilient Woman?

Women have been under-represented in leadership roles in their careers and communities in Canada for many years. Though women make up 51% of Canada’s population there is a disproportionate amount of women in comparison to men within leadership roles and/or at the decision-making table. Women’s opportunity in the workplace has been dictated by societal and cultural beliefs, and they continue to face different challenges when they attempt to advance into positions of power. The Resilient Women is a virtual/in-person program that will give you the tools needed to remove barriers, through mentorship, networking activities, group discussion and practical assignments.

Over the course of 10 months, the mastermind program will reveal and address these systemic barriers, while empowering you to navigate as a leader within your careers and/or community.  You’ll develop an understanding of historical and cultural constructs that have shaped the belief systems of women in the workplace, and be empowered to overcome them with effective, real-time training that is geared towards our current challenges. You’ll be exposed to the research and techniques of Program Director Jacqueline Dixon, CSP as you develop a strong leadership presence by enhancing your sales skills, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and while being exposed to a global and diverse cohort of fellow women leaders, through self discovery. 

Our training program will be led by various female leaders that are equipped with specific tools to help you become successful and overcome the obstacles that are preventing women from stepping into their leadership roles. Our facilitators goal is to influence your personal and professional desires while motivating attendees to overcome workplace challenges and craft your future as a woman in leadership within your career or community.

Participant Profile:

This program is for current and aspiring leaders who identify as women or non-binary, as well as any professionals interested in creating a more gender-inclusive work environment.

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