Why Support “Resilient Women”?

Women make up half of the human resources available to any country.  If that half is not being channelled into the economy and not being made part of decision-making processes, then that country’s economic potential is bound to suffer.  As business leaders and policy makers seek to navigate their way through the current crisis, they need the talents of both women and men more than ever to come up with the best solutions.

Saadia Zahidi

The MTM team is proud to present our eighth installment of the Meet the Motivators Symposium. This year’s two-day symposium will feature the launch of the “Resilient Women” program. This brand-new addition to the MTM symposiums will deliver thesame great experience.
When you choose to support Meet the Motivators “Resilient Women” Program, you are helping to support programs that help girls and women for several important reasons:

Empowerment: Such programs empower women and girls by providing them with the resources and support they need to lead successful lives. This includes education, job training, and access to healthcare and other essential services.

Gender equality: By supporting programs that help women and girls, you are helping to promote gender equality and break down the barriers that prevent women from reaching their full potential.

Improved communities: When women are empowered and have equal opportunities, they are able to contribute to their communities in meaningful ways. This can lead to improved economic growth, reduced poverty, and better health outcomes for everyone. Breaking the cycle of poverty: Programs that support girls and women can help to break the cycle of poverty and provide a pathway to a better future for both the women and their families. When women are financially empowered, they are able to contribute to the development of their communities and countries, leading to a brighter future for all.

Please note that MEET THE MOTIVATORS will continue to actively give back to the community by supporting other charitable organizations such as CAMH and The Jean
Augustine Center for Young Women’s Empowerment.


We would like to thank all our supporting networks such as:
100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women (Jacqueline Dixon, 2018 Honouree)
Immigrant Women In Business (Jacqueline Dixon, Founding Member)
Canadian Women’s Foundation

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