Our policy is intended to provide a framework for inclusion to promote diversity and inclusion within all the programs and projects offered through the resilience program and Meet the Motivators Inc.

The Board of Directors of the MTM team believes in the benefits diversity brings and it recognizes that diversity of thought contributes to the formation of a strong organization. This has been demonstrated within every program and service which the Resilience Mastermind program offers.

The board recognizes that the most innovative and successful businesses, communities, and economies are the most diverse. Having a board, management, and staff that are composed of people with diverse skills, experience, backgrounds, and perspectives can contribute to:

    •  A robust understanding of opportunities, issues, and risks
    •  Inclusion of different concepts, ideas and relationships
    •  Enhanced decision-making and dialogue
    •  Heightened capacity for oversight of the organization and its governance
    •  Sustainability of the organization

For purposes of this policy, diversity includes, but is not limited to:

    • Skills and experience
    • Sex and/or gender identity
    • Race
    • Culture/ethnicity
    • Sexual orientation
    • Income
    • Disability
    • Age
    • Language

Our team will make effective use of these differences and distinctions among individuals to determine the optimum composition of the board, management, and staff. We are committed to ensure that all board, management, and staff appointments must collectively reflect the diverse nature of the environment in which the organization operates and be made on merit, in the context of the skills, experience, independence and knowledge which the organization requires to be effective.

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