Meet the Motivators is a vision brought to life by Jacqueline Dixon, a passionate advocate for empowering women in leadership. As the founder and driving force behind this impactful not-for-profit organization, Jacqueline is committed to creating a platform that celebrates, inspires, and connects women who are making significant strides in various leadership roles.

JACQUELINE’S JOURNEY: Jacqueline’s historic rise as a female leader began when she decided to turn her mess into a message. She decided that she was determined to overcome the unexpected tragedy that she experienced at a young age, and this mission to turn her pain into purpose is what fuels her passion towards helping other woman succeed.

This highly sought-after Professional Sales trainer and coach is a graduate of the University of Toronto, she is also a Certified Sales Professional and Television Host. She achieved her level of expertise after spending over 25 years in the sales and marketing industry, building start-ups and managing salesrooms for multimillion-dollar corporations. She is passionate about educating, inspiring, and empowering people! As an award-winning expert within the Sales and marketing industry, Jacqueline delivers a series of training programs and riveting talks that have left her audiences captivated, inspired and empowered.

THE BIRTH OF MEET THE MOTIVATORS: Meet the Motivators is not just an organization; it’s a reflection of Jacqueline’s unwavering belief in the power of women supporting women. Fueled by her experiences and a desire to foster a community of leaders, Jacqueline established Meet the Motivators as a space where women can connect, share their stories, and inspire one another.

JACQUELINE’S APPROACH: As a CSP, Jacqueline brings a wealth of knowledge and dynamic energy to the organization. Her commitment to authenticity, resilience, and continuous growth permeates every aspect of Meet the Motivators. Through engaging talks, workshops, and strategic partnerships, Jacqueline aims to empower women with the skills and mindset necessary for leadership success.


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