“Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do”

Robert H. Schuller

  • What does being Resilient mean?
    Resilience is the ability to bounce back in the face of challenges, losses, and adversity. The resilient woman harnesses inner strengths and rebounds quickly from setbacks such as transitions, illness, trauma, or the death of a loved one. Resilience is also the ability to self-soothe during these difficult times.
  • What helps you to be resilient during difficult times?
  • How can you become Resilient personally and professionally?

7 Characteristics of a Resilient Woman:


Presence of Mind: I will create my own path

Calm, innovative, non-dogmatic, flexible mindset (out of the box thinker)


Decisive Action Taker: I will not wait for change. I will be the change.

The choice to do what is needed, regarless of the consequences.


Tanacity: I will not give in

The quality of persistence, determination, grit


Interpersonal connection: I will reach out

Authencity and genuine care for others that creates a trusting ‘tribe’ peers


Integrity & Honesty: I will show up and let myself be seen

Strong moral principles and willingness to be vulnerable


Self-control: I am in control and the master of my emotions

The ability to subdue impulse, emotions, and desires, to pursue longer-term goals


Optimism & Positive Perspective: I will find the light in any darkness

Hopefulness, solution-focus, and ability to use failures as growth opportunities

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